Leonardo Series

The flexible magazine configuration of the Leonardo is a major advantage over other devices.  The autonomous system ensures a clean working environment and the operation is extremely easy

Uncompromisingly productive
Up to 32 pallet positions for UPC320 are available on only a 2 x 2 m footprint.  Pallets do not leave the system because set ups take place on the integrated loading station.  A rotary pallet on the loading station allows easy access to the workpieces on multiple clamping devices or tombstones, with a lockable 8 x 45° Pitch 

Modular design
To fit the Leonardo perfectly to your machine tool, a variety of combinations are available to provide the optimal configuration.  The magazine division remains largely open and can be customised.  Whether placed on the right, left or front of the machine, the 1600 mm travel range of the X axis allows the Leonardo to reach the chuck on the machine table.  Twin machine loading is available as an option offering maximum productivity. 

Flexible, versatile, adaptive
From ITS 148 to MTS 500 - all pallets are reliably exchanged.  If needed, also in mixed operation with automatic gripper change.  Set up the next job whilst the robot is still working and thanks to a light barrier, all health and safety boxes are ticked!.  Its the carefully thought out little helper on the Leonardo that make a big difference.