NFX Series

The machining centres of the YCM NFX series offer reduced set up times with maximum precision for complex machining applications

Isolated direct drive spindles
The unique IDD spindle design offers low spindle vibration and optimal heat isolation resulting in excellent surface finish whilst maximising both spindle and tool life under hard milling conditions.
BBT40 dual contact spindle taper offers exceptional cutting rigidity with high accuracy to extend tool life.

Spindle oil cooling
Oil-air lubrication design has been applied to each bearing, suitable for spindles 12,000 rpm and over, to ensure prolonged high speed operations.

High accuracy NC rotary table
Rotary table surface levelled at the C axis centre to ensure machining accuracy and easy programming.
Aluminium designed 5 axis table offers incredible dynamic accuracy for X and Y axis.
150° (+ 30°/120°) A axis tilting angle increases machining ability.