NSV Series

The machining centres of the YCM NSV series offer ultra fast, ultra precision for high speed machining applications

Isolated direct drive spindles
The unique IDD spindle design offers low spindle vibration and optimal heat isolation resulting in excellent surface finish whilst maximising both spindle and tool life under hard milling conditions.
BBT40 dual contact spindle taper enhances heavy cutting ability and accuracy.

High precision axial movement
High precision roller type guideways on used on all axis.
The extreme rigidity and high loading capacity are achieved by using double nut ball screws.
Powerful axial motor capable of achieveing a maximum axial acceleration of 1g and rapid feed rates up to 60 m/min.

Fast and reliable ATC system
Column mounted tool magazine minimises vibration during tool change to ensure maximum reliability.
Standard 30T tool magazine with 48/60T servo driven options.